Date back to ancient times, birthstones were believed to come with unique powers including good luck, health, and prosperity. Nowadays, birthstones are still highly prized as gifts with significant meaning, since they show that the gift giver has sincerely put their wishes into a personalized trinket. According to the old tradition, each month is associated with one birthstone, but you now can find multiple birthstones for some months. The reason for this change is more grounded in social development – to allow more affordable and stunning stones in addition to the traditional more expensive stones.

Last week, we have talked about this theme already. If you want to learn more details of Birthstones from January to June, please tap this Gift Idea of 2021 Dates Introduction of Various Birthstones January to June.  Today, we will continue to introduce all these birthday stones and help you pick a wonderful gift for your family members, lovers, and friends who were born in July, August, September, October, November, and December.


  1. July – Ruby


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The ruby, also known as the birthstone of July, is a majestic red gemstone. Rubies stand for health, wisdom, and courage. People believe that wearing a ruby gemstone brings good fortune to its owner. Rubies are known as the king of gems for their flawless quality. The finest rubies are mined in Burma and are the second hardest gemstone, only after diamonds. DUNALI has pretty ruby stones as well.



Let's explore this Sterling Silver Gold Plated Ocean Blue Necklace Heart Of Ocean Inspired Pendant. Your passionate love is so inclusive like a red red rose. This pretty ruby pendant is such an elegant and stunning gift to express your true love. Our designers pick a perfect red-colored gemstone to create this elegant Heart Shape Necklace. The delicate bow tie decoration makes this pendant so tender and lovely.

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  1. August– Peridot

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The birthstone of August is a dazzling lime green color Peridot. The peridot is a luxurious stone that exists in only one to bring prosperity, fertility, and healing.

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My heart beats for you. This Sterling Silver Heartbeat Infinity Necklace With Two Birthstones shows how much I love you with its fashionable and sincere design. We pick two elegant and romantic heart shape DUNALI birthstones to make this pendant much more attractive.

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Moreover, we offer 3 fashionable colors for this pretty necklace. You can choose your ideal color ranging from gold, silver to rose gold.

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  1. September– Sapphire

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The word Sapphire is derived from 'sappheiros', a Greek word standing for blue. The truth is that the gemstone sapphire can be found in every color. The Sapphire now represents loyalty and trust. It is the most popular birthstone in its varying majestic blue colors. It is the birthstone of September.

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DUNALI always bring colored birthstones to their lovely jewelry. A flamingo is exotic, full of elegance, and represent a balance of your life, calls for eagerness, emotions, fun because flamingos are social creatures and have strong bonds. It is said, this Personalized Flamingo Necklace will say all that about yourself. A beautiful way to show who you are by engraving your name on it and make it your life symbol.

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  1. October – Tourmaline

There are two stunning stones for the month of October. One is Tourmaline and another is Opal.  Both very pretty. And we particularly choose the Tourmaline for its perfect quality. It is available in a rainbow of beautiful colors but most often comes in a pretty light purple.

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Let's worship the beauty of Tourmaline together. Faith and love exist in perfect harmony on this Rose Gold Plated Diamond Cross Silver Pendant Necklace With Birthstone. Decorated with sparkling Dunali stones, this pendant will be a meaningful favorite. As the perfect finishing touch, it is perfect for your loved one.

Shop: PN.19112.SZ3



  1. November – Yellow Topaz

November is assigned two special birthstones, Citrine, and Yellow Topaz. Citrine is originally from the French word citron meaning lemon, standing for appropriately because of its brilliant yellow color. The Citrine has the power to heal because it was once believed to be a gift from the sun. November’s other alternative birthstone, Topaz, is most desired in its orange Imperial Topaz color.


Melt the beautiful Yellow Topaz into a lovely and vivid creature. This Pretty Dragonfly Necklace Silver Pendant Decorate With Gemstones decorate your overall style and bring a sense of cute. Dragonfly stands for the peaceful eagerness of pure love. This pendant looks really charming and eyecatching. We pick flawless and clear colored gemstones to decorate it. Bring some fun to your neck.

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  1. December– Tanzanite

How lucky you are if you were born in December! The month of December has a claim to three birthstones, Zircon, Tanzanite, and Turquoise. Their dreamy blue tones make them the perfect birthstones for the cold wintry month of December. All these precious gemstones shine in different shades of brilliant blues.

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This beautiful Lover Couple Icon Engraved Heart Necklace in Sterling Silver comes with a unique personal touch. This engraved necklace celebrates your other half beautifully, and it makes the ideal gift for her birthday, Valentine’s day, or any other occasion – even if only to say “I love you” in a unique way.




Wonderful!Thanks a lot for your time. You must learn a lot about so much about birthstones from July to December. If you want to learn more details of Birthstones from January to June, please tap this Gift Idea of 2021 Dates Introduction of Various Birthstones January to June. Keep following to learn fashion trends or gift ideas.



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