Making style in hot summer has so many elements to consider. You do not want to look too heavy and hot. People would like to have a cool and fashionable look.

Therefore, today, we will help you to create a wonderful light and cool summer look with some small techniques. And crystal earring will be today the main characters. Now, let's check out together.

Crystal earrings are a great choice for you all the time if you want to glam up your looks. Besides, crystal earrings always have such abundant texture and detailing that they look so precious,soft and feminine.


  1. Dazzling Full-embedded Crystal Earrings

The statement crystal earrings are very appropriate for some special occasions. They will gently sparkle and make your elegant style much more attractive and dazzling.

However, it is still possible to jazz up your casuals, but you definitely need to be careful about how you mix and match your clothes and other accessories.


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If you already have a pair of silver crystal earrings that don’t have any complicate colors on them, then you can try for colorful outfits, especially in the vibrant spring and beautiful summer times. And you could also follow the fashion trend to get dress idea. Usually, crystal earrings will never go wrong since it is so simple and charming.


Can I wear this kind of earrings in my leisure time? Yes, sure! You can go for skinny jeans, a cute top, blazer and of course a pair of heels to make your style more elegant. This is the best time to put on your colorful heels to complement your jeans and top. You will have a brand new feeling though wearing your everyday outfit when wearing this shining earring.

  1. Feminine Style Small Drops

You might want to have a gentle and feminine style when participating in some particular events. The small earring drops play an important role in creating such a gentle look for you. This is a kind of more subtle, feminine and gentle earrings.

This Stylish water drop style rose gold tassel earrings owns a tiny but sparkling crystal. They are super comfortable and easy to pair with all kinds of looks and other accessories.

Shop: E.31020.SZ3
  1. Colorful crystal earrings for a happy summer style

Crystal does not mean just being transparent. Actually, there are so many kinds of colored gems. Spring and summer seasons usually call for anything bright and colorful, therefore do not miss the colorful crystal earrings.


This royal blue micro paved with blue stones looks so charming. It owns a vintage square shape embedded with the classic blue color gems. It is an appropriate accessory for formal events such as weddings, evening party and the like.

Shop: E.31007.SZ3

  1. Inspired by Natural Flower

Our talented designers always get extraordinary ideas from the nature. This pair of elegant camellia style silver earring is so dazzling and charming.

Shop: E.31010.SZ3

  1. Chain earrings with Personalized Name Letter

Recently, stylish chain earrings become more and more popular worldwide. They are very delicate, yet long enough to make a statement. These earrings are perfect for a night out party. And it's a wonderful accessory to create girly looks or daily dressy styles.

In addition, it is OK to style these earrings with heels or sneakers. Feel free to wear these earrings with a stack of rings, bracelets or a delicate necklace. You are the queen of the trend. Also, based on your preferences you can wear your hair down or make a cute hairstyle that goes with the rest of your outfit. The tiny crystals will gently sparkle as you walk around.


More importantly, you can customize the letters of the earrings to present your own name or attitude.

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Well done! Thanks so much for your time.Have some idea about your summer look now??

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