Engagement Idea in 2020? You Need a Special Ring

We begin to learn the importance of love more than ever before in this uncertain year. Time to express your love to your lover! Oh, yes, you need a wonderful engagement ring to impress her! We have picked the top 5 most stunning and special rings to back your proposal. Let's check out together!

There’s much to consider when it comes to selecting the flawless engagement ring. Familiarizing yourself with the gems and understanding stone shapes is only the starting point. Besides the main central diamond or stone, the ring’s setting determines its ultimate look to a large extent.  While some ring design can elevate your diamond’s brilliance, others can make the central stone look bigger or smaller. From the classic solitaire setting to the more contemporary minimalist geometric style, there’s an engagement ring design for everyone. Here’s a look at some of the most popular engagement ring settings and designs with us together.


  1. Vintage Rome Style without Diamonds

Shop: Ref: PR.19034.S3

This is a simple but special customized name sterling silver ring. The antique Roman style settings will appeal to anyone who has an affinity for all things vintage, emulate, and a sense of romanticism. The ring setting tries to imitate the ancient Roman Colosseum or outdoor theatre architecture style.

Shop: Ref: PR.19034.S3

This is a unique ring for your brave and tough fashion girl. And you can customize the letter on it making it a special one on this world.

Shop: Ref: PR.19034.S3

Moreover, there are 3 popular colors including gold, silver, and rose gold. You can always find your favorite color.

 Shop: Ref: PR.19034.S3

  1. Big Colorful Gemstones

Shop: Ref: R.12832.SZS

This style usually features colored gemstones as the focal point of the ring instead of diamonds. Big center gemstones shine beautifully. Many of them are set in cluster or halo settings. This type of rings has become very popular among celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, who sported a Pink Sapphire center engagement ring.

Shop: Ref: R.12832.SZS

This ring from Dunali stands out with its two interwoven heart shapes. Such a romantic shape will be a powerful sign for your successful proposal. And we have picked two sparkle birth gemstones to decorate this ring.

Shop: Ref: R.12832.SZS

  1. Infinite Love Style

Shop:Ref: R.12835.SZS

Our talented designers always get inspired by the beauty of mathematics and science. And this ring is inspired by the infinity symbol ∞. Yes, love means infinity and all kinds of possibility. You both start a new journey and adventure full of various infinities. This is the best rings full of symbolized meaning.

Shop:Ref: R.12835.SZS

And the two heart shapes attract and appeal to each other closely but shine their own glory. The best relationship is to care about each other all the time and keep excellent in their preferred filed respectively.

Shop:Ref: R.12835.SZS

  1. Cluster Setting

Shop: Ref: R.12200.SZS

The classic cluster setting is inspired by shining stars. This setting makes such ring glamorous and striking. And it is a cost-effective engagement ring. It usually features smaller gems and diamonds arranged in a way to make them appear like one big center diamond.  The design involves a high degree of craftsmanship. They are very versatile in that they can be arranged in several different shapes and sizes.

Shop: Ref: R.12200.SZS

This Dunali ring applies the classic cluster style. And our designers particularly pick up shining zircons to create a cluster style. Moreover, the two handmade heart shape stones bring a sense of romance to this ring.

Shop: Ref: R.12200.SZS

If your girl prefers romantic French style jewelry, then this must be the best option for your proposal ring.

Shop: Ref: R.12200.SZS

  1. Neutral Professional Style

Shop: PR.18040.SZ3

Your girl is a professional lady busy with her job? She might not be delighted with fancy and exaggerated style. But she must be fond of this simplest modern ring with a shining Dunali stone.

Shop: PR.18040.SZ3

This neutral style is convenient for her daily work and the big sparkle Dunali stone makes it much soft and tender.

Shop: PR.18040.SZ3




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