Maybe your boyfriend's birthday is coming soon? Or you will celebrate your anniversary next month? Time to shop a wonderful gift for your man and also yourself!

Necklaces are not suitable for your muscular boyfriend? You will absolutely change your mind after checking out these following meaningful presents.



  1. You are the apple of my eye

This eye-shaped customized picture sterling silver necklace is so precious. This pendant is famous for its special eye shape and customized picture service. And our designers carefully pick 14 sparkling stones to decorate this necklace.  Moreover, we have 3 popular colors including gold, silver, and rose gold available. You will always find your dream color at our site.

Shop: PICN.19052.S3

You could put your favorite picture on this necklace! Whether it's your lover's funny moment or your wonderful memory, we could always help you put on this on your pendant. And you both will recall the wonderful memory together! This is such a meaningful and unique present ever!

Shop: PICN.19052.S3


  1. Over the moon

This beautiful sweet moon-shaped customized photo sterling silver necklace is so charming. I am feeling over the moon every single time when I see you. So the moon-shaped special pendant is the exact gift for you to express your emotion and feeling to him or her.

Shop: PICN.19049.S3

This moon-shaped photo necklace is so gentle and cute. Dunali designers smartly use special patterns to decorate the moon making it so dedicated. And the gold color makes this pendant so luxurious. Silver color looks fashion and stylish as well.

Shop: PICN.19049.S3


  1. You are my another piece

The stylish two pieces jigsaws customized name sterling silver pendant owns an extraordinary design. Inspired by interesting jigsaw games, our talented designers create this wonderful piece. You and your lover must suit and be inclusive to each other deeply. This is so similar to the jigsaw pieces.

Shop:  PN.19035.S3

This DUNALI™ personalized custom name pendant is very fashionable and stylish! Dunali offers a name engraving service to make it a necklace for yourself only. You can wear a necklace having your lover's name on it. It's that romantic!

Shop:  PN.19035.S3


  1. In my deep heart

This cute customized two-part sweetheart necklace is so wonderful for your lover. Traditional nameplate necklace? Dunali breaks the rule to bring you something different!We carefully cut a lovely heart shape to make an elegant women necklace. Therefore, we get two pair necklaces for you!

Shop:  PN.19033.S3

Baby, please come to live in my heart! Do not miss our fantastic name engraving service! These pendants will impress you and your sweetheart for sure!

Shop:  PN.19033.S3

  1. Engrave your name in my heart

This fashionable customized two-part heart-shaped necklace is a wonderful gift for your lover. Classic half heart shape necklace keeps being popular. And Dunali allows you to have your name on it. Creativity makes all the difference. That's why so many creative customers choose our products and service. You deserve a better different necklace

Shop:  PN.19032.S3


This necklace is so lovely, it could be a good gift for you and your lover.

Shop:  PN.19032.S3


Worry about color limitation? Dunali has more available! For this one, we have 3 fashion colors from luxurious gold to stylish silver. You could check out the video at our site for reference. Sometimes, seeing is believing! Grab your favorite pendant now!

Shop:  PN.19032.S3





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