How to Show Off Your Earrings Based on Your Face Shape

Learn how to wear trendy earrings and use daily accessories to lighten up your overall look in this blog and check out our cool and stylish suggestions about this season's most popular dainty jewelry. Besides, these jewelry pieces are hot selling and wanted at the moment, therefore it would be great to know how to rock them like a pro.


Dunali tassel earrings are captivating accessories all the time. Earrings can add a certain feeling of style to whatever you’re wearing. You can simply change your personal style just by switching up your personal bling. Truly, your earrings are impressive little (or big!) game-changers.


Show off your favorite trendy earrings whenever you wear them. Express your personal fashion taste and invite the attention of those around you when you wear a pair of different and shimmering earrings. Use these tips to ensure you’re the center of focus.


Remember Select Earrings That Flatter Your Face Silhouette



The shape of your face can dictate just how much your earrings will flatter and draw the right kind of attention. The right baubles can make a world of difference in your appearance. Here are some of the more common face shapes and suggestions for the right kind of earring.

  1. Inverted triangle faces

An inverted triangle face is characterized by a wide forehead and gently tapered chin. In order to balance your pretty facial shape, drawing attention to your eyes, choose teardrop or chandelier styles.

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  1. Oval faces

Oval faces look tender and soft. So you can really wear just about any style, however, a simple stud or triangular style of the earring will flatter most. This is especially true for oval-shaped faces with prominent cheekbones.

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  1. Round faces

Round faces have the widest part at the cheekbone with little to no taper toward the chin. Drop-earrings with geometric shapes are the most suitable ideas.

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  1. heart-shaped faces

The lovely heart-shaped faces are similar to inverted triangles but may present a widow’s peak and a chin more pointed in appearance. This shape also benefits from the classic teardrop or chandelier style of earring. These styles bring balance to the lower part of the face, creating symmetry.

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