Sometimes, it's a piece of accessory. Sometimes, it's shining jewelry. But more importantly, it is your attitude and personality.


We are what we wear. And people do judge from the appearance. Therefore, you should express your idea and thoughts by some simple, tiny detail.



And, yes, your necklace speaks loud for you. Today, we will introduce the top 5 most fashion and stunning pieces of necklaces to you to express your idea to the outer world.


  1. Show your confidence, you are the key

This Dunali key shaped customized picture sterling silver necklace owns a fashion style. The classic key shape is so stylish and will never go out of date.

Shop: PICN.19050.S3

Moreover, Dunali offers you space to customize your special picture. You can choose your or your lover's photo to make it a special necklace in the world.

Shop: PICN.19050.S3


We have 3 popular color from gold, rose gold to silver color. We would recommend the powerful gold color to show your confidence.

Shop: PICN.19050.S3


  1. See your pet at any time

Lovely pets always comfort our emotion and make us calm and peaceful. Want to see them at any time? Check out this cute personalized picture sterling silver engraved necklace.


Shop: PICN.19064.S3

People will find a pet-related topic soon after they notice your necklace. It's quite helpful to break the ice and have a nice conversation with others. Also, people will notice you are such a kind and considerate person.



  1. Engrave all your family member's name

If you have a big family! That's great! We got a perfect necklace right for you! Check out this customized fashion colored heart sterling silver pendant with birthstone.


Shop: PN.19002.S3

We offer up to 6 names for you to engrave on this necklace. This is so friendly to all your family members. Meanwhile, you could choose their birthstones respectively.


Shop: PN.19002.S3

Also, 3 popular colors from gold, rose gold and silver available. You always find your favorite color at our site!


Shop: PN.19002.S3

Shop: PN.19002.S3


  1. Multiple layer necklace effect with one necklace

During recent modern years, multiple layers of necklaces are becoming increasingly fashion and welcomed among people.

However, you could also create the same fashion visual effect with only one necklace. Let's check the following pieces together!

Shop: PN.19002.S3


This is a personalized modern letter custom engraved necklace.

Shop: PN.19002.S3


This DUNALI™ personalized custom pendant is very modern and fashionable. You can have your own name letter to make it so special and unique. And the heart-shaped pad makes it a wonderful multiple layer style necklace.


Shop: PN.19002.S3


We highly recommend the tender rose gold to create an elegant look for your next party.

Shop: PN.19002.S3


Besides, never miss this fashionable customized name sterling silver necklace.


Shop: PN.19002.S3

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