About US
DUNALI is the name of a family from Tuscany Italy who was dedicated to jewelry making. After serval generations'
efforts, we've mastered at great with superb jewelry craftsmanship. We have a century of heritage and reputation.
Entering the 21st century, we decided to create a completely brand new brand in the name of our family name DUANLI™.


The beauty brought by fashion jewelry is the mission of DUNALI.


DUNALI jewelry is flexible, practical and generous. Since the foundation of the brand, DUNALI has always infused the fashion concept into their products.


Our jewelry is not only about the collection but also allows the wearer to “show” their personal style anytime anywhere. DUNALI jewelry looks very stylish, unlike the traditional jewels, it always makes people shine and sparkling.


Abandoning traditional jewelry styles and materials, DUANLI decided to use new material to create totally different stylish jewelry. DUNALI introduced the design concept of high-end ready-to-wear into the jewelry industry to break the rule. DUNALI abandoned the old tradition that high-end jewelry can only use expensive materials. It creatively uses a lot of three-color sterling silver and colorful colored gems to create jewelry.
Every year, DUNALI designs and release new styles. All our jewelry are crafted by craftsmen with more than 20 years of experience and is available in new materials, colors and shapes. Like many Italian luxury brands, DUNALI moves its production center to Asia area to ensure that its products are delivered to consumers at a better price. Jewelry is no longer just a privilege of the rich only. Our mission is making quality jewelry that is affordable to everyone so that everyone can enjoy it equally.

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