Cute Animal Party Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Set

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This Cute Animal Party Charm Bracelet Set is a collection of elements such as dogs, cats, mice, and fish. Wearing it on the hand seems to have held a big pet party, lively and cute. If you are a pet lover, I believe you will love it.

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This set includes:

1. Dunali Cute Animal Party  Series Charm Bracelet :If you are cat lovers, you are sure to fall in love with this Personalized Cat Snake Chain Charm Bracelet. This delightful cat design encapsulates everything we love about our feline friends. Representing independence and self-confidence, this bracelet is a playful addition to your outfit.Ref: BC.20053.SZS. Material: Sterling Silver 925. Price: 52.99. View product details.

2. Dunali Cute Animal Party  Series Charm The beckoning cat is a sign of good fortune, prosperity, wealth and protection from evil. Now with our Lucky Cat Sterling Silver Handmade Charm Bead, you can always be protected in style. Add this crystal bead to your bracelet for constant good fortune or buy it for someone you love. It features a pop of red enamel coloring and red crystals for a little Bling. Ref: CB.21178.SD. Material: Sterling Silver 925. Price: 24.95. View product details.

3. Dunali Cute Animal Party  Series Charm : Make your favourite pet a part of your style with this Cute Chihuahua Dog Sterling Silver Pendant Charm. The adorable sterling silver design features a cute dog detailed with pink enamel ears. A delightful gift for any dog lover, it will add whimsical charm to your jewellery collection. Ref: CP.21317.SP. Material: Sterling Silver 925. Price: 29.99. View product details.

4. Dunali Cute Animal Party  Series Charm This Little Mouse Sterling Silver Animal Charm Bead features a cute mouse. The cute little mouse holding the pink donuts with happy smile. Hope it will always have this little happiness. This mouse bead is suitable for brithday, engagement, and anniversary. Ref: CB.21318.SC. Material: Sterling Silver 925. Price: 24.99. View product details.

5. Dunali Cute Animal Party  Series Charm Elephants are long believed to be emblems of good luck and happiness. With big ears, a long nose, and a gentle and lovely character, this colorful Elephant Charm Bead is so cute and exquisite. Put this charm on your bracelet and bring you more warmth and happy. Ref: CB.20095.SC. Material: Sterling Silver 925. Price: 27.95. View product details.

6. Dunali Cute Animal Party  Series Charm Inspired by Chinese red lucky fish, the designer hopes that this Lucky Fish Charm Pendant can bring people some lucky opportunity. It is an ideal gift for your family, friends, lover, etc. Ref: CP.20085.SZD. Material: Sterling Silver 925. Price: 22.95. View product details.

7. Dunali Cute Animal Party  Series Charm Make your favourite pet a part of your style with this Cute Chihuahua Sterling Silver Animal Charm Bead. The adorable sterling silver charm design has a little dog with a cute expression, and its enamelled pink ears are vivid and cute. Get it now to create a wonderful bracelet. Ref: CB.21310.SZC. Material: Sterling Silver 925. Price: 28.97. View product details.


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