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Pink Maternal love Charm Bracelet Set

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The mother is as pure as jade and as exquisitely carved like ivory. The life watered by mother's love brews purity and fragrance. Red flowers, pink beetles, and purple flower clusters complement each other, as warm as mother's love, yet elegant and noble. Matching With dazzling star bangle, blossom with glamour!

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This set includes: 

1.Star Sterling Silver Charm Bangle Bracelet: Let yourself be inspired by our magical, dreamy world based on the mystery of the night sky and the brilliance of starlight. This Bangle Bracelet features a number of little stars scattered around, which brings light and hope to people. Ref: BB.20144.SZS. Material: Sterling Silver 925. Price: 49.99. View product details.

2.Dunali Nature Series Vintage Pink Flower Sterling Silver Charm Bead: Wear a lasting bouquet with this Vintage Pink Flower Sterling Silver Charm Bead, made from blush-pink flower and set with pink crystal petals and a halo of clear DUNALI Stones. A ring of pink DUNALI Stones details along the edge lends a romantic feel to the bead. Ref: CB.20923.SZP. Material: Sterling Silver 925. Price: 32.99. View product details.

3. Dunali Sport & Travel Series Personalized Tire Sterling Silver DIY Safety Chain: The safe chain features a dangling heart detail, embossed with DUNALI Stones on the tire and a delicate chain that ensures charms stay nicely in their place. The chain gives the bracelet a sense of movement, and the two-tire design adds style. Ref: CC.21112.SZS. Material: Sterling Silver 925. Price: 37.99. View product details.

4. Dunali Love Series I Love My Mom Sterling Silver Charm Bead: Show your mom that she’s the best mom in the world with this Charm Bead. Give her a lasting reminder of your special relationship that will warm her heart every day with this special charm. This bead serves as a token of appreciation for the most important person in your life and gives a voice to your deep love for her. Ref: CB.20579.SZP. Material: Sterling Silver 925. Price: 32.99. View product details.

5. Dunali Nature Series Lucky Clover Sterling Silver Heart Hollow Bead: this Heart Hollow Bead is inlaid with different shapes of clovers. If you have a closer look, you will find the rose gold color clover. The embellished DUNALI stones look fabulous. And we believe that this charm will bring you good luck as well. Ref: CB.21248.SS. Material: Sterling Silver 925. Price: 26.99. View product details.

6. Dunali Animal Series Seven Star Ladybug Sterling Silver Charm Bead: Adorned with sparkling Dunali stones, this Charm Bead makes a striking addition to your jewelry. Wear the piece as a symbol of luck. This star ladybug charm bead is suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, and engagements. Ref: CB.20104.SZP. Material: Sterling Silver 925. Price: 31.99. View product details.

7. Dunali Nature Series Purple Flower Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Spacer: Show the world how strong you are with this Purple Flower Charm Bracelet Spacer. A symbol of freedom and resilience, the flower flourishes in the wild and blooms in adversity. This sterling silver flower charm features purple flowers with hand-applied enamel details and sparkling Dunali stones in their centers. Wear the charm to show your love of freedom. Ref: CS.20601.SZZ. Material: Sterling Silver 925. Price: 26.99. View product details.


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